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Fred & Addie E

We want to thank you for the wonderful job you did as our sales agent for our home in Henderson Ranch. When we first contacted you in January 2010 we told you that because of Addie’s health problems we had been advised to move to a much lower elevation in order to improve her quality of life and perhaps extend her life expectancy. We planned to move quickly and asked you to put our home on the market right away. Unfortunately, the market was falling rapidly and you told us very soon that market value’s would likely not allow us to sell the house for enough to cover what we owed. We agreed to go for a short sale and left for New Jersey. The process of finally closing a sale wound up taking nine months. Durin that time you not only found us a potential buyer, but worked closely with the bank holding our mortgage through what seemed like interminable delays to get the deal done. You also did many things to keep our then vacant home presentable and tie up loose ends that we had not taken care off. We do not thank any agent could have done a better job for us and we would not hesitate to tell any prospective buyer or seller that you surely must be the best realtor in Yavapai County.

Thank you so much!

Mary Lee S. Satisified customer

Jennie Shook was our Real Estate salesman. I am a retired senior citizen and picked Exit Realty and Jennie came to our house.

She was very nice the first time we met. She explained to me everything about selling the house. I could understand all the facts about the price of the house and all other expenses that had to be paid. Jennie always called back when I had questions. When the house sold, she made sure everything went smoothly and made sure I was represented [as] well as the seller.

I would recommend Jennie Shook To anyone selling their home or land.

Mr. & Mrs Joe & Bert P. Dewey, AZ

In a realty markety, which has plummited well the last several years it’s very important to associate yourself with someone who has the experience and tools to do a good job. This means that every piece of media tool is placed out there so that your property is given every exposure. To have confidence in your Representative is also very important. That is why we chose Ms. Jennie Shook & Ms Dawn Showman of EXIT Realty Cool Mountain.

Thanks Ladies,

RS Dewey, AZ

In dealing with Jennie, I found her to be a Honest and forthright person who paid good attention to detail.  She was always very patient and kind to me and showed extreme understanding and knowledge in the area of bank owned homes.  Being so down to earth and easy to talk to, Jennie made what could have been a terrible and stressful experience, one that was pleasant and smooth.   She is such a good listener that I always felt she knew what I was going through.

The purchase of my home was not the traditional sale.  It was a HUD contract.  Jennie was extremely tolerant and patient with me throughout the course of the process in closing escrow.  I wanted it done immediately and Jennie had such a way about her that always seemed to calm me down in the midst of an overwhelming transition for me.

I was so impressed with Jennie professionally and personally that it made an easy decision for me to go to work for her after I settled in to my beautiful home.